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Here is our video of the week, John M. Bickers, N. Kentucky University

"How Non-Bar Tested Electives Can Teach Lawyering" 

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We are excited to announce that we've teamed up with to develop a series of educational videos about immigration law.  FWD's videographers filmed leading law professors on important topics related to immigration and immigration reform. 

Check out UCLA Professor & Immigration Law Expert Hiroshi Motomura  "What is Executive Action?"

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What is LegalED?





LegalED hosts an ever-growing collection of videos and teaching materials created, contributed to and curated by world-class teachers in their fields.  The video collection (each 15 min or less) is designed for easy online viewing from anywhere at any time. WATCH ->

LegalED focuses on student learning   Students can view our videos at their own pace, from anywhere, review lessons as often as they want for mastery, go deeper into topics of particular interest, and hear diverse perspectives on legal concepts. LEARN ->

LegalED is a central hub where the legal education community can collaborate, share, connect, inspire and be inspired. LegalED facilitates networked collaboration and cooperation among a worldwide community of teachers and students of the law.  JOIN->

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Why we created LegalED

1.  Flipping the Law School Classroom

LegalED facilitates flipped learning – where part of the teaching is online and part is in a classroom – which a U.S. Dep't of Education meta-analysis found is as effective and in some cases even more effective for adult learners than classes taught entirely in a classroom.  

2.  Incorporating Lawyering Competencies into Curriculum

When teachers do not have to spend limited class time on lecturing about substantive law and procedure, they can now incorporate more active, problem-based learning that incorporates the competencies proven key to successful lawyering into each course.

3.  Inspiring & Facilitating Active Learning & Assessment by Professors

LegalED's tools provide the resources for the teaching community to take full advantage of in-class face-to-face time with their students for active, problem-based learning and for providing feedback and assessment as students are learning and forming into professionals.

4.  Bringing Great Teaching about the Law to Students

LegalED's video collection is designed with students in mind.  Students now have anytime, anywhere access to great lessons from teachers around the world, so they can learn about the topics they care most about, from teachers with different backgrounds & perspectives

5. Inspiring Collaboration, Sharing and Innovation

Through our growing community, we hope to inspire collaboration and innovation in legal education – by seeing great teaching, hearing about successful teaching techniques from great teachers, seeing problems and exercises developed and tested by other teachers, collectively we can elevate the art of law teaching.  Learn more about why we started LegalED.