by Professor Randy Dryer, produced by Aaron DewaldUniversity of Utah School of Law

Introduction to Cyberlaw
Professor Randy Dryer introduces himself and lays out the learning objectives for the Cyberlaw course.

Origins of Privacy
Professor Dryer lays out the origins and history of privacy in the United States.

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy
Professor Dryer covers the concept of Reasonable Expectation of Privacy and covers some of the law involved.

Privacy Torts
This video covers some of the information in privacy torts.

Permanency of the Internet
The Internet doesn't forget. Learn more about the pros and cons of an "all remembering" medium.

Anonymous Speech
Anonymous speech is something that many Americans have enjoyed. Unfortunately, there's is also a downside to this. This video covers some of the pros and cons of anonymous speech.

John Doe Litigation
John Doe Litigation involves protecting one or more parties during litigation. Learn more about John Doe Litigation and its implications on privacy.

Retinal scanners and voice recognition aren't just for Star Trek anymore. Find out the implications on Biometrics on privacy.

Modern technology allows for instant geolocation information to be broadcast anywhere. What are the implications of your movements on what is "generally known" and "readily available" information.


Drones are increasingly common in today's society. Once reserved for the battlefield, drones are finding their way into our lives. Learn more about the laws involved with drones.