Environmental and Urban Economics

by Professor Matthew KahnUCLA School of Law

Why is environmental economics an exciting research field?

Why does pollution exist?

Why is urban economics an exciting research field?

Pollution in a world of no government

The intended and unintended consequences of regulation, in this case the Clean Air Act Regulation.

Economic growth and the environment


Natural Disaster Economics: Adaptation to Anticipated Shocks

Natural Disaster Economics: Lessons from Hurricane Sandy

FEMA, Moral Hazard and Natural Disaster Adaptation


Bargaining and Collective Action, with focus on Hurricane Sandy and real estate owners

Are we prepared for the next Hurricane Sandy?  How should we adapt?

Consumer Externalities


Consumer Externalities and Mitigating Environmental Externalities

The Porter Hypothesis


The Geography of Climate Change Adaptation and the Venn Diagram

Sustainable Real Estate

What is a "Sustainable" City?

Investment under Uncertainty: Sims Metal Management in NYC

Real Estate Pricing and City Quality of Life

Paternalistic Externalities v. Tough Love:  A Climate Change Adaptation Game

Prospective Evaluation of Urban Transportation Issues

"Humancentric" Environmental Economics: A Bird's Perspective

Understanding Climate Change Belief Dynamics

Climate Change and the Economics of Ski Resorts

River Pollution in Brazil's Sao Paolo


Does Government Investment Spur Gentrification and New Residential Real Estate Investment

Intended and Unintended Consquences of Environmental Regulation

Commercial Building Electricity Consumption: The Role of Structure Quality, Management and Contract Incentives

Induced Innovation and Endogenous Technological Change

The Rise of the Law Carbon Consumer City

Macroeconomics Consequences of Taxing the Rich: The Case of Superstar Golfer Phil Michelson

Applying Nudges to Mitigate Environmental Externalities

A Climate Change Adaptation Cartoon

Infant Mortality Reduction and Natural Gas Adoption in Turkey

California as the Green Guinea Pig: The Economics of AB32

How the Economy Tackles the Moral Challenge of Fighting Climate Chang

The Economic Incidence of Coastal Flooring and Land Purchase

Test Driving a Telsa and the Razor's Edge for New Green Product

The Power of Human Ingenuity to Improve Our Standard of Living