Our Vision

LegalED is created by law professors

as a worldwide networked community for teachers and students.  

LegalED aims to harness the power of the internet for legal education.  It facilitates blended or flipped learning -- by migrating lectures to the web, LegalED frees up classtime for active learning that challenges students to learn the essential lawyering competencies while they are in law school.

Professors may assign the videos in any combination (even borrowing from teachers with differing perspectives or from related substantive areas, i.e., immigration and criminal law, immigration and administrative law, immigration and race and the law) for students to view outside of the classroom, migrating the passive part of learning online, and thereby freeing up face-to-face class time for active, problem based learning activities where students create, evaluate, apply, or analyze.  




LegalED seeks to develop and maintain a vibrant online community of teachers and students of the law devoted to active, problem-based learning that prepares law students to graduate law school with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to practice law successfully.  Moreover, by creating a central hub for the community, LegalED eradicates the silos in which law professors currently operate and facilitates the networked collaboration and cooperation among a worldwide community of teachers and students of the law.  Through the video collection, teachers can be inspired to borrow, adapt, and bring great teaching moments into their own courses.





Every law professor has great teaching moments -- great lessons that fully engage students, great exercises that put theory into practice, great ways to clarify complicated topics, great practical tips mastered after years of practical experience.  But the audience for those moments has traditionally been limited to the students sitting in that particular classroom at that particular moment.   Through the internet platform, LegalED opens up formerly isolated classrooms by sharing, showcasing, celebrating and inspiring innovative teaching. 

Simply put, the vision of LegalED is to inspire innovation in legal education.  Join the movement!