As teachers ourselves, we developed LegalED with you in mind.

LegalED is a place where you can:

showcase your best teaching,

share your expertise with students around the world,

inspire and be inspired by others. 

Our goal is to create a robust, vibrant collection of teaching tools for legal education.  And to do that, we need your help.  Each of us has something to share.  And collectively, our community can create a collection that we'll each use regularly.

Take a look at what we've collected so far.  This is just the beginning.  With time and help from teachers like you, this collection will continue to expand and grow and take on new directions and purposes. 

teacher illustration.png
  • VIDEOS: subject matter videos are available in contracts, evidence and environmental law, more to come so keep checking back.
  • ASSESSMENT TOOLS:  Our Assesment Tools page has tools you can use to provide formative assessment to students
  • PROBLEMS AND EXERCISES: We have a variety of problems and exercises you can use in your courses here.
  • TEACHER TRAINING: our special collection of videos on pedagogy is designed for teachers interested in innovating in their law school classrooms and courses
  • SUBMIT: your proposed video scripts, assessment tools, exercises and problems 
  • FEEDBACK: we are always interested in hearing how we are doing and will try to meet the needs of our growing community as best we can (use the nifty blue button on the left to send us feedback)

If there is something you'd like to see us add to the website, please let us know.  We are determined to make this into a resource that will support our colleagues as we all begin to experiment with different ways to support successful teaching and learning.