Problems and Exercises to assign students

In a blended classroom, face-to-face class time is generally devoted to high-level learning that asks students to use the material that they are learning actively through a combination of exercises, Socratic dialogue, problems, role plays, simulations, or small group work.  In legal education, these learning activities often incorporate exposure to the competencies found to lead to successful lawyering, thereby bringing teaching of practical lawyering skills and professional values into each course.

Our video collections on substantive law are designed to allow professors to assign the videos as homework.  When students have viewed the videos and read the related assignments before class, they can come into class ready to engage in problem-based learning activities.  (With your help, we hope to build out other substantive areas in the future).

For professors, the next question is what to do in class if face-to-face time is not spent lecturing.  That's where LegalED's collections of problems and exercises can help.  Borrow some of our exercises or use them as inspiration for your own teaching innovations.  And remember to let us know how it goes.

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 Family Law Complaint Drafting Exercise, Professor Leigh Goodmark, University of Baltimore School of Law ,

Becoming a Lawyer AssignmentMichele Pistone, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law