*We are excited to announce that teamed up with LegalED 2014 is the year for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. To take advantage of this potential opportunity to pass immigration reform legislation, we’ve partnered with LegalED, ( *

The first phase of our partnership involves producing a collection of short (5 minutes or less) explanatory videos by the country’s leading law professors about the laws and legal systems that regulate immigration, including employment-based migration, border security, naturalization and other relevant issues.
The video collection is designed to explain the basics of immigration law, so that Members of Congress and their staffers, law students, journalists and well as members of the general public better understand the current immigration landscape and know why our immigration system needs to be fixed.

LegalED, is a networked community of law professors, practitioners, judges, law students and others using online technologies to advance learning about the law. The community is developing video collections on various areas of law, including contracts, evidence, immigration law and practice tips, among many others. The videos can be used in legal education to blend online and in-class teaching, thereby flipping the classroom and bringing more exercises and active learning of practical lawyering skills into the classroom. is building a grassroots movement to convince Congress to move forward on immigration reform. Founded by Marc Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Reid Hoffman, Ruchi Sanghvi, among others and supported by many of the leading thinkers and visionaries of Silicon Valley, is using online technologies, meet-ups, hack-a-thons, and other social media tools to build a networked community to promote immigration reform.