LegalED Newsletter September 2014

New DevelopmentsOur partnership with to create a series of educational videos on immigration law resulted in 14 new videos by leading law professors on various aspects of immigration law.  Additional videos are currently being produced; we will let you know once they are online.

The videos were made by several law professors, including: Lenni Benson (NYLS), Amanda Frost (AU), Lindsay Harris (Georgetown), Cesar Cuauhtemoc Garcia Hernandez (Denver), Laila Hlass (BU), Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA), Michael Olivas (U of Houston), Jayesh Rathod (AU), Philip Schrag (Georgetown), Ragini Shah (Suffolk), Juliet Stumpf (Lewis and Clark), Shoba Wadhia (Penn State), Virgil Wiebe (University of St. Thomas), and Michael Wishnie (Yale).

Seeking Curators for Other Subject Areas:  We would like to start curating selections in other subject areas and are looking for teams of curators (think book editors) to form for other subject areas.  If you are interested in curating a collection of videos in your subject area, please let us know!

Conference Presentations:  Michele Pistone presented about LegalED at the CALI conference (video available here), which was held at Harvard Law School in June. The conference featured over 50 speakers on topics to transform legal education through technology and innovation.  


LegalED will also present at the fall meeting of the Distant Learning in Legal Education Working group, an “alliance of law educators collaborating to provide increased opportunities for faculty, students and other participants to access high quality, innovative, and interactive online legal education.”

LegalED sponsored the First Legal Tech Startup Weekend, designed to bring together legal professionals, policy geeks, programmers, designers and students to innovate the legal services market and bring it into the 21st Century – one solution at a time.

Coming Soon!  Professors Susan Bryant (CUNY Law School) and Jean Koh Peters (Yale Law School) are in the process of organizing their curricula material developed to support teaching the issues raised in their popular article, The Five Habits of Cross-Cultural Lawyering, 8 Clinical L. Rev. 33 (2001).  The collection will be hosted on LegalED.

New Content on LegalED!

Be sure to check out what’s new on LegalED including:

Maureen Sweeney (U of Maryland) produced a video on the Categorical Analysis of Immigration Consequences of Criminal Actions;

Stephen Manning and Juliet Stumpf (Lewis and Clark) produced a set of videos for their Transformative Immigration Law course.

Also, thanks to Uncommon Individual Foundation for its support.

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Thank you for being part of out growing community.  We are excited to collaborate with you in our effort to enhance legal education.

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