Sydney Beckman, Lincoln Memorial University, Duncan School of Law: “Using Technology for Engagement and Assessment”

Sydney Beckman is a Professor of Law at the Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law. He presented his talk, “Using Technology for Engagement and Assessment,” with the Simulations, Feedback, and Assessment Pod at the 2014 Igniting Law Teaching conference. In his talk, Professor Beckman explains that in the classroom, professors do not have the ability to read the minds of students. In traditional law schools, there are typically two forms of assessment, a midterm and a final exam. In the time between these two exams, professors do not know whether every student understands what they are being taught. Professor Beckman explains the role of clickers in the classroom, and how they empower students to defend their positions and let the professor know if students are getting the right answer for the right reason.

Professor Beckman is an experienced trial lawyer with a passion for teaching. Before joining the staff at Duncan School of Law, he previously taught at the Charleston School of Law and was an adjunct professor at Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. He regularly gives presentations on using interactive technology in the classroom. He has authored dozens of articles and numerous books. His interests include Evidence, Technology and the Law, and Domestic Relations.

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