Teaching Pedagogy

Warren Binford, Willamette Univ Coll of Law: How to Be the World’s Best Law Student

Susan Brooks, Drexel Law:  Forming Resilient Lawyers

Susan Nevelow Mart, Univ. of Colorado @ Boulder: Are Your Students 21st Century Researchers?

Craig Forcese, University of Ottawa: Deploying Experts in a Flipped Classroom: Active Use of a Passive Learning Resource

Jill Smith, Georgetown Law, Bringing Transliteracy to Legal Education

Jack Preis, Univ. of Richmond School of Law: We Are Always Team Teaching

Jeremiah Ho, Univ of Mass Sch of Law: Unhiding the Socratic Ball: Transparency in Teaching Law for the Digital Age

Sydney Beckman, Duncan School of Law: Five Tips for Using Interactive Technology to Comply with new American Bar Association Standard 314

Audrey Fried, University of Toronto: How to Use Online Discussion to Ignite Law Teaching

Mark Edwards, Mitchell Hamline Coll of Law: Content-Embedded Concept Maps as Casebook Replacements

Richard Seamon, University of Idaho Coll of Law: 5 Features of Effective Graphics

Kristen Tiscione, Georgetown Law: Teaching Analysis as More than Arrangement

Lucy Jewel, University of Tenn Coll of Law: Old School Rhetoric and New School Cognitive Science

Shannon Salter, University of British Columbia Faculty of Law: Unprecedented: Teaching Law Students to Think Like Law Reformers

Courtney Kiehl, Penn State Law: Helping Your Law Students Find Their Professional Identity Through Reflective Learning: Student’s Perspective



Jeffrey Ritter, Georgetown Law, Mapping the Law: Building and Using Visual Mindmaps for Legal Education

Sydney Beckman, Lincoln Mem. Univiversity., Duncan School of Law, Using Technology for Engagement and Assessment

Shawn Marie Boyne, Indiana University, Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Teaching Through Simulations

Brett Johnson, Harvard Law School, H2O Project: Remixing the Casebook

Warren Binford, Willamette University College of Law, How to Be the World's Best Law Professor

Renee Allen, Florida A&M University College of Law, “Metacognition and the Value of Reflection in Learning”

Doni Gewirtzman, New York Law School, “Teaching and Theater: The Craft of Law Teaching”

Victoria Szymczak, Univ of Hawaii – Richardson Sch. of Law, “Using Video to Convert Student Into Teachers”.

Christine P. Bartholomew, SUNY Buffalo Law School: “Finding Time”

Elizabeth Keyes, University of Baltimore School of Law: “Teaching Narrative”

John M. Bickers, Chase College of Law: “How Non-Bar Tested Electives Can Teach Lawyering”

Debora L. Threedy, S.J. Quinney College of Law: “Flipping Contracts: The Making of the Videos”

Vicenç Feliú, Villanova University School of Law: “Clinics and Librarians Collaborating”

James G. Milles, SUNY Buffalo Law School: "Returning the Client to Legal Education"

Aaron Dewald, University of Utah School of Law, Improving Presentations With Learning Sciences, part 1

Jay Finkelstein, DLA Piper: Putting it Together: School by School

Shaun Jamison, Concord Law Sch: Get Out of the Way: Students Preparing Themselves for a Law Practice Future

Emmy Reeves, University of Richmond School of Law: Flipping Preparation for the Bar Exam

Deb Cohen, Univ of Dist of Columbia: Unlearning: The Hardest Part of Law School

Sarah Booher, Duncan School of Law: Engendering Success for Kinesthetic Learners

Michael Collatrella, McGeorge Pacific Sch of Law: What I Learned About Teaching Law from Being an Art Student

Matthew Homewood, Nottingham Law School: Mobile Devices in the Classrooms: Recognizing the Challenges, Embracing the Opportunities

Sarah Glassmeyer: OMG: What’s with all the Os?

Andrew Spalding, University of Richmond School of Law, Are You Happy New: Stimulating Student Reflection

Jennifer Spreng: Integrating First Year Courses

Paula Schaefer, University of Tenn Coll of Law: Tips for Finding Professionalism Lessons Hiding in Plain Sight in Every Casebook

Ryan Anderson, Bighorn Law: Teams and Technology: How the New Breed of Attorney Operates

Ruth Anne Robbins, Rutgers Law School: Writing the Client into the Argument: Image Decision Word Choice Precision

Jill Engle, Penn State Law: Helping Your Law Students Find Their Professional Identity Through Reflective Learning: Professor’s Perspective


Kim Hawkins, New York Law School, What Law Professors Need to Know About Visual Arts

Margaret Hahn-Dupont, Northeastern University School of Law, Learning Through Reflection and Self-Assessment

Dan Jackson, Northeastern Univ. Sch. of Law:  "Leading an Experiential Law School Design Lab”

John Joergensen, Rutgers Law School, Scaffolding

Jeremiah Ho, University of Mass. School of Law, Not Your Father's Case Method

Michele Gilman, Univ. of Balt. Sch. of Law “Why Use Clickers? To Provide Students Real Time Feedback”

Leah Wortham, The Catholic Univ. Columbus Sch. of Law, “Student Motivation and Sense of Well Being”

Victoria Duke, Indiana Tech Law School on Bringing Exercises into Large Classes

Jennifer Rosa, MSU, College of Law: “Legal Writing on Steroids: The Art of Flipping Your Classroom”

Wes Reber Porter, GGU School of Law: “A Better Class to Class Process to Accompany Flipping”

Jamie R. Abrams, University of Louisville, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law: “The Socratic Method, Revisited”

William Slomanson, Thomas Jefferson School of Law: “Why Flip? & Macro Design”

Michele Pistone, Villanova University School of Law, “Why Law School Needs to Change"

Jay Gary Finkelstein, DLA Piper. "Using Experimental Learning & Collaborative Teaching to Train 'Practice Aware' Lawyers" 

Aaron Dewald, University of Utah School of Law, Improving Presentations With Learning Sciences, part 2

 Professor Leigh Goodmark, University of Baltimore School of Law, How to Use a Drafting Exercise in a Doctrinal Course, link to exercise


Professor Michele Pistone, Villanova University School of Law & Professor Beryl Blaustone, CUNY Law School, Teaching 21st Century Law Students: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

Professor Andrea Curcio, Georgia State University School of Law, Assessing Ourselves as Law Professors

Professor Frank Valdes, University of Miami School of Law, LatCrit and the Legal Academy

Aaron Dewald, University of Utah School of Law, Center for Innovation in Legal Education, Why Flip/Blend a Law School Classroom?

Professors Stefan Krieger and Theodor Liebmann, Hofstra University School of Law, Teaching Storytelling  

Professor Michele Pistone, Villanova University School of Law, The Future of Higher Education

 Professor Laurie Levenson, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, A Better Way to Teach Law School