Trial Advocacy

Professor Wes Porter, Golden Gate University School of Law

Introduction to Trial Advocacy 

Professor Porter explains how to achieve proficiency in impeachment by prior inconsistent statements and refreshing recollection. 

Impeachment Using Prior Inconsistencies 

 An example of impeaching a witness by using prior inconsistencies in their statements. 

Refreshing a Witness’ Recollection. 

Demonstration of how to refresh a witness' memory. 

A Guide to Presenting Motions in Limine 

Professor Porter presents the essential components of presenting a motion in limine.  

A Guide to Impeachment by Prior Inconsistent Statements  

Professor Porter details how to impeach a witness through prior inconsistent statements  

A Guide to Refreshing a Witness’ Recollection

Professor Porter demonstrates how to effectively refresh a witness' memory.  

A Guide to Laying Proper Foundation for Exhibits 

 How to lay the proper foundation for exhibits to be admitted into evidence.