The support by the Uncommon Individual Foundation has been invaluable for LegalED.

The Uncommon Individual Foundation (UIF) is a mentoring organization that helps dreamers of all ages accomplish their goals and achieve personal success. 

At UIF, grants come in the form of endowments of education and mentoring. UIF believe that success should be understood at a personal level, based off of each individual's strengths, values, and dreams, because every one of us is an uncommon individual. 

Since its creation, the Foundation lives out its mission by engaging others in mentoring in order to accomplish their objectives. Throughout the years, they have grown to include additional resources, technologies, and educational programs. 

LegalED is part of the Entrepreneur Education & Development Program at the Uncommon Individual Foundation

The mission of the Entrepreneur Education & Development Program (EE&DP) is to select, mentor, and accelerate the best high-impact entrepreneurs in Philadelphia and the surrounding area in order to foster corporate expansion, facilitate job creation, and catalyze local economic growth. Selected entrepreneurs are provided UIF resources of office space, educational courses, consulting and advising, mentoring, networking, prototyping technology and more.

The Entrepreneur Education & Development Program is still very raw and has room to grow. UIF is looking for assistance with intellectual property knowledge for their entrepreneurs. If you are interested in learning more about UIF or how to contribute email Benjamin Pietrzyk, or Jessica Stokes,